Accept diversity, accept everyone

Values like tolerance, respect, care, acceptance of other’s differences and openness to diversity are essential to become a citizen of the world.


We are a group of 25 students from Braga, Portugal.

We attend a vocational school (EPB - Escola Profissional de Braga). We are studying Commerce.

We all have different interests, but consider to share the same idea: we should all accept others without any reservations or pre-conceptions.


We are a group of 21 students from a small vocational section of a High School, in France.

We are a multi ethnic group aged between 15 to 19 and  we learn how to become laboratory technical employees. So our main subjects are chemistry and biology.

Being of different origins, we learn how to accept our differences.


Secondary school in Ortaköy/Aksaray, called Fatih secondary school.